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Our mission is to provide opportunities for singles to connect with God, find friends and have a sense of belonging. We believe in building singles up to realise that they are complete and whole through a relationship with God.

Through social gatherings and small group sessions with other like minded christians, our desire is to see people grow in their faith in Christ and connect with each other. 

When and where do you meet? We meet once every month at the The Warehouse Church or other locations.

Will I find my future partner? Maybe! But that is not the purpose of this ministry. Our heart is for you to feel complete in your relationship with God.

Do I need to belong to The Warehouse Church to attend? No! This is open to everyone regardless of the church you are going to.

What age group is Embrace aimed at? Embrace is for adults of all ages. We classify 'adults' as 21 and above. 


1st February 2020

Let's get Financial Fit! Receive advice and practical tips on budgeting, godly giving and saving, to help get your finances on track. 


We would like to invite you to join us at the biggest Christian Festival in the UK; Big Church Day Out!

With Christian music over five stages, a variety of food halls and hundreds of attractions for children, young people and families; this is a great opportunity to get together and have fun.

We have secured special rates when we book as a group and estimate a day pass will cost around £46.00 per person.


Need more information? Just send us an email! 

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